Mobile Legends Survival Mode, Here the Tips

Mobile Legends Survival Mode

Hello everyone and welcome to the Mobile Legends Survival Mode tips and tricks guide. This guide is designed to help you understand the mechanics of the Mode. Mobile Legends Survival Mode is a Battle Royale Mode very similar to games like PubG, Fortnite, and Rules Of Survival. The need to introduce this mode by Moonton was basically due to the increased craze of Battle Royale which is currently dominating the Gaming World.

Up to 33 Teams with 99 players ( 3 players per team ) lands on the battleground. The equipment can be gathered by eliminating enemies and slaying Monsters. Other than that there will be certain drops for equipment, you can gather equipment from them too. The basic rule of a survival game is to survive until the end. You will have to eliminate enemies or hide from your enemies and avoid yourself from being getting killed. You can either choose to solo or play in a team. If you are doing solo you will be matched with 2 other random players in a team of 3. You can select your desired landing zone. There will be a Safe Zone Circle which will get smaller over time, you’ll have to move to the Safe Zone Circle to avoid Damage over time.

Below the tips for you for winning the Mobile Legends Survival Mode:

select a hero

1. Select the correct Hero

Select the correct Hero who will support the team. Important if you have Tanker and fighter in your team because they will attack and also make them as a shield. Hero with the ability to escape from the war also important for avoiding getting ambushed by another team, Select a hero with AOE ultimate skill will help your team on war.

map battle royale mobile legend

2. Choose where to land

Choose the landing spot to inform your teammates, where they are should be landing. This is important for the team members always together from the beginning of the game. Because if the team separated, you will get killed when you meet the opponents without support from your teammates and getting ganged by them.

killing lord and destroying chests

3. Farming first

If you in the game like PubG and ROS we need looting to getting weapons, in Mobile Legends Survival Mode we need farming or killing jungle mobs and destroying chests to getting items. Killing Lord and destroying chests can grant you some great abilities as shown above! Choosing the correct ability for your hero will increase your chances of survival, So this will be very useful for you and your team hence you should take down lord whenever necessary.

select item

4. Build and Choose the best items

Build items as your hero ability to make it more effective and gained the attack or defense, don’t be stingy with the items and you need priority the item for the hero most needed. Because this is survival mode, you need to prioritize life steal item or vamp spell and increase you HP for making you more difficult to get killed when you get attack from the enemy.

build items

5. Stay close and together

Stay together is the important key in the survival mode. You will get a lot of advantage when you stay close and together with the team like ambush the enemy who alone, back up your teammates, more easy to revive, and farming more faster. In the end, you can kill the Lord together with your teammates for help you winning the game. If you do it you can easy winning the survival mode.

That’s pretty much it. Please do let me know if I missed anything and I’ll be sure to include them in this Mobile Legends Survival Mode Tips. Remember to take it easy and enjoy the game. Don’t insult others and have fun playing! Feel free to add me in game, maybe we could do some Survival games together!


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